All good things come to those who wait..

As usual I am quite behind on my updates of this blog. For whatever reason I seem to less interested to write here and still write in this ratty old book diary that I own. Maybe I feel that I need to physically write more than typing. You ever get that feeling where you just want to sit down and write random and absurd thoughts on a piece of paper?

I’m actually not sure when my last post was, but I think it was an old post about a beauty review for a product that I’m still loving at this moment. Changes have happened since then for sure although one thing remains the same: my love for makeup. I won’t get into details about that here though because that would just go on and on and on and on…… you get my point.

Lets get back on theme. I recently found myself a new job! Which is equally exciting and frightening at the same time. I’m now working at the leading telecommunications company in Jakarta as a Strategic Investment Analyst. It seems super random that I progressed from a biomedical engineering background to English tutor, policy analyst, corporate strategist and now investment analyst. I don’t even want to know how my CV now reads to other HR departments. I originally applied for the corporate strategy position here which would have made way more sense but alas…fate saw differently.

After being here for around 1 month I can safely say that I don’t regret my decision. There is a sense of accomplishment I feel every time I finish work even if it is at late and random hours. I haven’t felt that in a long time though, that feeling that you are actually appreciated and being heard by your superiors, peers and other colleagues. I have to say, it feels good! Considering my uphill battle to find an ideal work environment, all those years I spent searching were definitely not wasted. You just need to be patient and trust that there is a plan out there for you with the best path.

Besides career wise, a new change in my life has been on the personal relationship side. After years and years of hit and misses (mostly misses) I think I’ve found some sort of peace that I can’t really describe. Previous relationships have always been this whirlwind drama fest because of various reasons. I think I always managed to find myself in relationships that had a definite ending. It was just a matter of when it would end. But now, I don’t want to jinx it, I feel like the sky has cleared up and clouds have lifted. Of course I still have certain anxieties and insecurities because who am I kidding, if you’ve been through as much heartache as me you are bound to think ‘what’s the catch’ every time you feel even the slightest bit happy. Lets keep fingers crossed for a drama free one this time around.

I also traveled to a Japan this year! Along with my closest and dearest friends we semi back packed our way through Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kobe, Hakone and Nikko for an amazing 11 days. It was a deep reach in the pockets but so worth it! I might make a post on that trip alone just to share some of the things I loved. (ssstt.. that trip was coincidentally the start of my own love story and another one as well)

Mid year beauty favorites will definitely deserve its own post so I will keep that for later. I really hope that I will follow through with these posts. Also must see movies and TV series (Shonda Rhimes still has me in a spellbind) should be discussed on a different post.

There you have it, a snippet of my life at the moment. Writing from my new desk, in my new chair with an old laptop and shoes I would just like to say again that everyone just needs to be patient and live out your life as it has been set. Work hard at what you want and in the end the results will definitely present itself.

Have a great day everyone!



Beauty Review: 123 Perfect Bourjois CC Cream

This marks the very first beauty review post I have ever done! I just mentioned the other day that I’ve recently become addicted to makeup so I thought why not share my findings. I must however first state that I’m no makeup expert nor am I a makeup artist. So if anything I review or share is not precisely correct according to the norm please keep this in mind. I’m also sharing the tips according to what works best for me.

Anyways lets get right to it! I’ll be reviewing Bourjois’ 123 Perfect CC Cream in shade 02 Light Beige now which has been a staple in my makeup routine for the past year. It claims to give luminous complexion and smooth skin with 24 hour hydration. It has an SPF of 15 which is quite enough for daily in office use. On the packaging it says that the color correction consists of three colors which are apricot (anti-fatigue), green (anti-redness), and white (anti dark spots). Overall, I haven’t had any major complaints about this CC cream. It does make my skin look fresh and less fatigued in the mornings when I still feel like crawling back in bed.

I have to say that the packaging for this CC cream is a bit troublesome. The tube like package has a habit of spouting out product when you open it. Especially since the product is very runny, when you open the cap it just comes out.



As you can see mine has gotten quite dirty. Sorry for this! However, because the case is plastic, it weighs basically nothing, easy to carry and hygienic since you don’t need to scoop it out. You don’t need to squeeze the tube at all to get product, it’ll come out anyways.

Consistency, Coverage, Shade
As I mentioned before the product is very watery and runny. It doesn’t have a particular smell to it, no scents or chemical smells I hate. Don’t expect a thick creamy foundation type of product. It also feels very light when applied to the face. It doesn’t really feel like you have gunk on your face. It doesn’t dry too quickly so there’s time to blend it in nicely into the face. I usually use my fingers to apply the product to help really buff it in. I’ve tried using a brush (real techniques expert face brush and/or buffing brush) but it seems to sit on top of my skin when I do. A damp sponge is also a good option but it makes the coverage very sheer.
I would have to say that the product gives sheer coverage. It doesn’t really cover my acne scars or blemishes. It’s true to form and does correct the color. It makes my face bright and fresh instead of covering acne imperfections. I think it makes my health look healthier though in spite of the sheer coverage. If you are looking for something to cover imperfections then this is not it. I do however add some concealer (interchangeable between NYX Full Coverage Concealer and L’oreal Superstay 24 hour concealer) which seems to remedy the issue of coverage but it reduces the fresh skin appearance.

When first applied it may feel sticky at first but when it settles into the skin it just feels like skin! My other peeve is the shade. I’m quite sure there isn’t a proper shade for me in the range. The darker 03 is rose beige which is completely wrong for my yellow undertone. But I correct this by a bit of tinted finishing powder with a smidge of bronzer. Problem solved! On days where I’m a bit lighter I just use my MAC Blot Pressed Powder and I’m good to go.

Staying Power
So on the tube it says 24 hour hydration. But I’m not sure whether it also means it stays on 24 hours. If thats the claim then they were fantasizing when they said that. It definitely stays less than 24 hours. After a whole work day usually I can see the fresh faced me slip away. It doesn’t really transfer that much unless you’re a hot sweaty mess or you’ve just thrown a glass of water on your face. I can however touch up at the end of the day with a compact powder and it falls back in line. It doesn’t really clog the pores so relatively easy to clean.



Overall, I’d give it a 7.5/10. It’s not the best foundation type product I’ve tried but it has it’s strong points. As a reference I have combination to oily skin with acne scars here and there. I also have very sensitive skin. Any product with strong scents immediately cause cystic acne to appear. This didn’t cause any reactions during my 1 year use. Also people can notice when I do and don’t wear it. They always say I look so tired when I don’t. I’m not sure if its a reflection on how good the product is or its more about how crappy I look in the morning.

Hope this helps!
Cheers 🙂

Into a Bright and Shiny 2015

I was determined to be bright and shiny in 2014, sadly that didn’t really work out as well as I had hoped. I’m going to be super late to the whole new year hype and start my first post in 2015 with all the musings and reflections that should have been done last month. But I won’t get into too much detail.

I started a LOT of new things in 2014. First, I became increasingly addicted to beauty products and makeup. These two things had always been a personal weakness but before 2014 it was more of a fantasy. I didn’t really know how to wear makeup and really couldn’t be bothered with it. 2014 definitely changed that, I couldn’t leave the house without at least some eyeliner. Before I would just put some lipbalm and simple powder. Now it’s gotten as bad as you can see below.

Today's look is sponsored by… #makeupaddict #fbf

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Granted it’s an expensive hobby, I can’t seem to shake it. Who knows it may come in handy one of these days.

Second, I got a new job! I work as a corporate strategy analyst at an internet provider and I actually am enjoying my job. I get to analyse things as detail as I want which is basically what I do with everything anyways. I have my own little group of friends at work and my bosses are quite interesting people to work with.

Third, I became a gym rat and slowly turning into a health nut at the same time. I guess this is a very positive albeit expensive habit as well. Turns out it takes a lot of money to eat healthier in Indonesia. Basically all the ingredients that are proclaimed to be healthy are all imported and expensive. Maybe I just haven’t found the local versions of what I need. I started the gym again after being off for about a year. I’ve been training hard to build up my endurance. I have to say though that it still feels like I’m being tortured every single time I go. I booked a few sessions with a personal trainer for the fun of it and turned out to be a great help. Diet wise I’m not on a super strict diet. I have a few limitations here and there also avoid some specific foods. I did however start cooking more. Baking healthy treats and clean eating foods. I love cooking for sure and will definitely not stop the cooking habit. Luckily the whole health trend is catching on so I can find a lot of people that attempt the same thing. Well, everyone still thinks I go too hard at the gym. I guess I thank my time in Holland for knowing how far I can push myself.

Fourth, I started my one travel a year plan. I think this might be the most exciting thing that I started to realize in 2014. When I was studying abroad this was already sort of a thing I did. I had to at least visit a new country once a year. Well in that case I think I usually did 2 countries per year at least (probably it was more). However I started to realize that I had to do this one country a year thing if I wanted to tick off things from my travel bucket list. So last year was the usual mandatory trip to Singapore and a first time visit to Vietnam! Hence, I plan to write a travel blog as well detailing some of my trips. I might even make a backdated blog just so I can remember some of my past adventures. Might even dig up some old pictures for the sake of sharing.

I won’t try to make drastic changes for 2015, I think most of what I was starting can definitely shape up a better year ahead. Maybe try and create something new for work? Or maybe start a side business?

Being happy is my ultimate goal every year, that’s a given. But this year I want to focus on making myself happier.

Bridesmaid on Duty

It’s actually true when they say that happiness is contagious. On a perfect morning I witnessed the Holy Matrimony of one of my closest and dearest friends. It was truly beautiful. I’m not the one to get teary-eyed at weddings so don’t expect that I was a blubbering bridesmaid with a wad of tissues in her fist but there were not a lot of dry eyes in the church. Even my other bestfriend was tearing up. Not to mention the immediate family of the gorgeous couple.

It was definitely a new experience for me to see a church wedding. I realized on that day that I have never actually been to a church wedding which is probably not the best bridesmaid material. But in the end I figured out that my job as a bridesmaid was to ensure the bride stayed in a blissful happy bubble. Trust me, there wasn’t much to do. She had organized everything herself from day one so everything was just cherry on top of the cake on her already special day. I guess there were some artistic differences in the wedding party but it was all resolved in the end. All I felt at the end of the day was excessive happiness seeing her so happy.

The fun part of the wedding was when the couple mingled with the guests. Let me tell you, bridesmaids should be warned to bench-press in preparation. Or even to work-out the arm area in the months leading up to the wedding. Man, was her dress heavy or what! Don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful broken white laced dress with a long train that looked like a dream on her. Especially with her wedding glow, it was angelic to say the least. But carrying that train around was a work-out on its own!

So yes, happiness is contagious. Surround yourself with happy people and you’ll be in a blissful happy bubble that you never want to leave.

Musings of a week long vacation

You know that you’ve started to fall into the working class category when a week off work feels like nano-seconds. After the Ied Fit’r vacations coming back to work again seemed like military grade torture to the brain. I was completely fried the entire day along with most of my colleagues. Although most of the seemed to be on some sort of auto-pilot. They could actually work and stay late at the office! I mean how crazy is that on the first day of work?

So I have discovered there are about 4 groups of behavior occur post vacation at the office:

  1. Wanders to each desk in search of post holiday treats and striking conversations with random people when they spot food that they want.
  2. Searches for people to joke around with and just enjoy the best of the rude awakening. This often leads to fun bullying of colleagues that you haven’t seen in awhile.
  3. Gets right back into normal work behavior and tries to stimulate high level discussions. These people are rare and usually stand out the most because they move and speak quicker than everyone else. However the discussions usually turn into a different session of joking around with group number 2.
  4. Zombie mode. People that just keep looking at the time waiting for 5pm when they can finally be relieved from their misery and enjoy life once again.

So guesses to which group I was in? Yup, I was definitely in zombie mode. I tried my best to seem intellectual and contribute in some discussions but my brain just was not functioning properly. Hopefully today will be better and I will be able to function properly.

Forgiveness is a power

It’s that time of year again, Eid Mubarak! Even though I am a true fan of Christmas, I can’t deny that Eid always makes me so much happier. There’s this feeling of sadness and happiness that only this time of year can bring around. I may not be the best person to divulge into the many religious beliefs or significance of this particular celebration but I can tell you that this is the time of year where I really reflect on my past mistakes and look at the point forward as a fresh start. Last year it was particularly hard, so many things had evolved in my life and so many past mistakes I felt were unforgivable. But Allah is incredibly forgiving and has given me a new chance to move forward and embrace the other true blessings that He has in store for me.

I am grateful this year for so many things. I have moved back home to Jakarta and started a life here for myself. I found a job where I feel I can reach my potential surrounded with fun and intelligent people. Because of work I have been blessed with an incredible group of friends from many different companies under the same holding company. We had an unforgettable 10 day training together and are staying strong as an extended family. Special people have entered my life, special enough for me to let my guard down again and actually let people in. My two best girlfriends in the whole wide world are getting married this year and I’m so happy for them I can’t even describe it. My brother has finished his first step in becoming a doctor. My dad has a new job which he is so passionate about. My mom is a busy bee as ever but she loves her environment. Nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone happy.

I think I may also have a chance at happiness. Or at least I’m finally starting to believe that I to deserve to be happy. Happiness is a tricky thing, there are just moments in your life when you feel that nothing will ever make you happy. But then in other moments even the simplest things can make you happy enough. That’s my short reflection for Eid, may we all be washed from our sins and be given a new fresh start. Nothing is impossible with the grace of Allah. Forgiveness has a great power so forgive yourself and forgive all of those around you. Don’t hold on to past mistakes but be strong and humble enough to move on.

Blunders lead to fresh starts

Really though, I thought that this blunder would be unimaginable to fix but then I decided that I will use this as a fresh start to re-enter the blogsphere with a hopefully better material to share. The blunder that I did was DELETE my previous blog (bye bye completely from the internet. I mean, there are seriously no traces of that blog! I may not have super hacker capabilities to trace the digital footprint of my blunder but I was assured by WordPress that I would not be able to do so. Well, I knowingly did erase it I guess but I thought that there would be a historical shrine to my past ramblings. Alas, I was largely delusional which caused me to re-create a new blog.

Why poppingskittles? Because I though poopingskittles would be too vulgar a domain. So please carefully note that I am NOT pooping them but they are merely popping. Think popcorn popping but in a more technicolor fashion. I have always been attracted to wonderfully colorful stuff. Pencil cases, phone cases, water bottles, shoes, bags, you name it. My mom has tried over and over again to steer me towards singular colors. I have decided that Green is the primary color in my universe but that has not made me deviate from the appeal of multicolored merchandise. Do you remember Paul Smith once had a line of rainbow colored prints on their bags and wallets? Yes, I fell for them even though they were basically part of the men’s line.

Anyways, while I try to figure out this newly updated world of blogging, please be kind enough to forgive me for future blunders that may occur. I have yet to discover how to set up a blogroll to ensure my previous followers can still connect to me. For new readers, be prepared to see my honest blunt opinions on random thoughts and stuff. I have a strong affinity towards topics such as travel, music, movies, fashion and self discovery (ehm, it’s along the self improvement line of thought not the in-your-pants kind). I’m known well among my friends as a master of manipulation with a big fat heart, a devious master under the cover of a sweet petite innocent girl and a sharp tongued idealist. How you plan to categorize me is up to you. I just write is as it is!